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   Floor coating
Epoxy Self Levelling
PU Self Levelling
Pure Epoxy
Epoxy Polyester, Pure Polyester
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Surface Protection with corrosion
Surface durability with UV resistance
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  Welcome to Orchid Polycoats!

Orchid Polycoats is an 9001-2008 certified company by Bureau Veritas, having best systems in place and having core purpose to provide to provide Powder coatings powders and Floor coating solutions.

Brand promise; we are not cheaper, but better....to lower your costs. The product prices may be higher compare to others, but we make sure that your cost will be the lowest.

What we assure?

The coating formulation design is with the center idea of providing maximum coverage, to minimize your painting process. This give two basic advantages, one is your direct paint cost get reduce & second you painting process cost get reduce. We believe in Walk the Talk....so we are committed to provide salt spray life and UV resistance as per our product data information, which is the best benchmark figure in the coating industry. On time delivery is our promise, which we follow with our systems and team efforts.

  Quality Control

Our manufacturing unit is equipped with all scientific measurement gadgets for Quality assurance.

Color spectro photometer - Make Xrite, U.K.
Tri Gloss meter Make Sheen, England
Salt spray chamber
Impact tester
Scarch hardness tester
Conical mendral
Ericson Cupping Tester

As we know only instruments are not sufficient to deliver best and consistent quality, we fill system oriented approach is our core competency, which ensures our product performance.


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