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  Product Range
Orchid Polycoats currently manufactures coatings in three different chemistries for almost any type of interior or exterior applications. Gloss levels range from matt to super gloss.
Wide range of finishes includes
Hammer tone
Metallic & pearlescent

Orchid Polycoats is delivering
the products through brand name Statticoat.

Orchid Polycoats powder coatings are currently available in four generic
Pure Epoxy
Epoxy Polyester
Pure Polyester
Polyurethane Powder coating
in an assortment of finishes, gloss levels and shades.
  Pure Epoxy

Epoxy powder coatings are thermosetting powders based on epoxy resins. They have excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. Epoxy powders are specially formulated to provide protection against corrosive and chemical environment.

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  Epoxy Polyester

Epoxy Polyester powder coatings are thermosetting powders based on epoxy and polyester resins. They have very good flow and mechanical properties. Epoxy polyesters powders are ideally suited for indoor applications.

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  Pure Polyester

Polyester powder coatings are thermosetting powders based on durable Polyester resins. They have excellent UV resistance & Outdoor durability. Polyesters are the preferred coatings for architectural segment due to their durability & resistance to aggressive weather conditions.

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  Polyurethane Powder Coating

Polyurethane powder coatings are characterized by excellent surface extension and they are obtained by a combination between a hydroxylated polyester resin and an isocyanate hardener. These powder coatings have excellent UV and weathering resistance without chalking of the film. Due to their chemical Environment, they are particularly suitable for outdoor products such as: agricultural machinery, car accessories, cycles and motorbikes.


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