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Epoxy powder coatings are thermosetting powders based on epoxy resins. They have excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. Epoxy powders are specially formulated to provide protection against corrosive and chemical environment.

Epoxy powders are recommended for interior applications

Some typical applications:
Automotive underhood parts, brass ware, metal cabinets, sports, recreation and fitness equipment, power tools, tool boxes, safety equipment, electrical bussbars, switch gears, brake parts, chalk bord, brass plumbing and hardware.

Product Range
They are available in:
Glossy finish
Matt finish
Dead Matt finish
Texture finish
Structure finish
Product Features
Excellent chemical resistance
Excellent corrosion resistance
Good electrostatic charging Properties
Good flexibility
Good insulation
Not recommended for exterior use
Performance Data
(For normal baked film at 50-60 micron film thickness on zincs phosphated CRS)
1. Powder Properties

Specific Gravity Theoretical Coverage (At 100% material utilization)


Self Life

Recommended Film Thickness

1.6 _+ 0.2 (Depending on colors) 100-120 Sq. Ft / Kg at 50 microns (Depending on colors)


6 Months from the date of manufacture is stored below 30° C

50-70 microns (Depending on colors)
2. Initial Film Properties

Gloss Level
(at 60°C Glosshead at the recommended stoving schedule)


Flow / Leveling

For Glossy > 85
For Semi Glossy - 25 to 85
For Matt 5 to 15

Smooth and uniform film


Mechanical Properties

Adhesion : Cross cut ( 1mm)

Impact Resistance

Pencil Hardness

Flexibility ( Conical Mandrel )

No loss of adhesion

150 Kg/cms2

2 H passes



Chemical Resistance

Salt Spray Test
(5 % NaCl Solution)

Humidity Resistance
42-48° C, Rh -100 %

Acid Resistance
5% H2SO4 for 150 hours dip test

Alkali Resistance
5% NaOH for 150hours dip test

Resistance to SAE 30, SAE 90
70° C x 72 hrs dip test

Transformer Oil Resistance
100°Cx 72 hrs dip test

Brake Fluid Resistance
100°Cx 72 hrs dip test

1000 hours passes

1000 hours passes






Directions for Use
Surface Preparation
To remove oil and dust from the substrate
Alkaline degreasers.
Pretreatment For Aluminium Chromating
To improve anti-corrosive performance and adhesion of paint film to Aluminium substrates
Suitable chromate conversion coating
For Steel Phosphating

To improve anti- corrosive performance and adhesion of paint film to steel substrates

Passivated Zinc phosphate
(Coating wt.1.5-2.5 gms/ Sg.M.)

Note: Process to be followed as per chemical manufacturer's recommendations.
Application Recommendations

Application Voltage - 60-90 KV
Stoving Schedule - 180° C (Effective metal temperature) for 10 to 15 minutes

It is essential that the compressed air is completely filtered to avoid contamination by oil, dust or water. Jigs should be clean in order to maintain good earthing. To avoid contamination, when using different colors, through cleaning of the application and recovery systems must be carried out between each color. Care should be taken in keeping different colors and types of powders well segregated.

The total curing time of the film is dependent on several factors like material substrate thickness & mass of the material and shape of the material.

The effective curing time commences when the objects has reached the recommended temperature.

Storage & Packing

Store in closed, cool room (below 30°C) in dry condition and in the original packing.
Exposure to direct sunlight, heat and high humidity should be avoided.

For best results, the stack height should not exceed three cartons
Partly used bags must be tightly closed after each removal and stored carefully inside the carton in a cool dry storage room.
For best performance use within six months.
Standard pack size is 10 & 20 kgs
Clear Powder's pack size is 7 kg

The above properties have been tested on mild steel, zinc phosphated and chromated aluminum panels, at the recommended film thickness.

To the best of our knowledge the information provided herein is true and accurate at the date of issuance. Since we have no control over the quality or condition of the substrate or the various factors affecting the use and application of the product, we do not accept any responsibility or liability arising out of use of the product. The company reserves the right to modify data contained herein without prior notice. Any change in data would normally be followed by issue of a new data sheet. The user should check with the nearest sales office of the company and confirm the validity of the information, prior to using the product.


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